• Exclusive sponsor of the Player Escort Program for Total Africa Cup of Nations, EGYPT 2019

Visa gives kids the opportunity of a lifetime

What is the Player Escort Program?

Visa is giving young football fans the chance to walk on to the field at the Total Africa Cup of Nations, EGYPT 2019 tournament alongside their favourite players.

Who are our Escorts?

The Escorts are kids aged 6-10 years old, from all over the continent, who’ve won the chance enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Get updates

Follow the story on @VisaNigeria and hashtag #VisaUnstoppableStories for updates and awesome content from the tournament.

How did we pick our Escorts?

Customers were asked to follow @VisaNigeria and post a 1 minute video of their child displaying a unique talent using #VisaUnstoppableStories


Whichever video receives the most likes on social will win.