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Supporting small businesses in Nigeria

Cashback Festive Offer

Enjoy N3,000 cashback when you spend up to N30,000 via POS or online with Visa.

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Konga Discount Festive Offer

Enjoy 10% discount when you spend up to N15,000 on Konga.com and pay with Visa.

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Mall For Africa Black Friday Offer

Enjoy $20 off shipping fee when you spend up to $100 on mallforafrica.com and pay with Visa.

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Small Business Hub

Small businesses are the foundation of our economy. And whether you’re just starting out or already running your business, we’re here to help. Sign-up to create your own online store to begin accepting online payments and also enjoy amazing benefits from Visa

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Visa's global, secure network (VisaNet), employs multiple layers of security to protect cardholder data and maintain high levels of trust in the payment system. The instant a merchant processes your card, Visa goes to work preventing fraud.

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